Proessional Photos

Professional Photographers Santa works with:

For the Love of Photography
Amanda Armour

Sat Nov 2nd / Sun Nov 3rd

Lansing Michigan
Contact: Link to Web Site

Meadow & Lark Photography
Mandi Thomas

Sat. Oct 26th / Sun Oct 27th

Alma Michigan
Contact: Link to Web Site:

Ol’ Mother Hen Photography
Britnee Eichenburg-Kelly

Sun Oct 20th

Evart Michigan
Contact: Link to FaceBook Page

Samantha Bronsing Photography
Samantha Bronsing

Sat Nov 9th / Sun Nov 10th

Holly Michigan
Contact: Link to Website

Whitney Leigh Photography
Whitney Leigh

Sat Nov 23rd

Grand Rapids, Michigan
Contact: Link to Website

Gabriela Gray Photography
Gabby Gray

Sat Nov 16th / Sun Nov 17th

Long Beach, New York
Contact: Link to FaceBook Page

Capture Your Santa Moments:

We believe in making your holiday season as magical as can be. That’s why we offer a range of options for you and your loved ones to create cherished memories with Santa Michael, The Mitten State Santa. Our Photo Sessions page is designed to cater to families and groups who want to bring Santa Michael into their homes, but we also provide links to our trusted Professional Photographers for those who prefer a professional touch.

Selfies with Santa:

For those who prefer a more casual and spontaneous approach to their Santa photos, “Selfies with Santa” is a fantastic choice. Santa Michael is more than happy to strike a pose with you and your group. It’s a fun and interactive way to capture your holiday spirit with the jolly old man himself.

Posed Photos:

If you’re looking for that classic, perfectly posed family portrait with Santa, our “Posed Photos” option is ideal. Santa Michael will work with you to create the perfect scene, ensuring everyone looks their best and the holiday spirit shines through.

True Santa Experience Photo Sessions:

For those seeking an immersive Santa experience, our “True Santa Experience Photo Sessions” offer the full enchantment of the season. Santa Michael will create a magical atmosphere, complete with holiday props and storytelling, for an unforgettable photo session that truly captures the spirit of Christmas.

Link to Professional Photographers:

If you prefer the expertise of professional photographers, we also collaborate with trusted professionals who specialize in Santa photography. These photographers have a keen eye for capturing the magic of your Santa experience in the most professional and beautiful way. Please see the list of Photographers Santa Michael works with to the left.

Whether you opt for selfies, posed photos, or a true Santa experience, Santa Michael and our team are dedicated to ensuring your Santa photos are heartwarming, joyful, and memorable.

Book Your Santa Photo Session Today!

Choose the photo session that suits your style and preferences, and let Santa Ben bring the holiday magic to your home. Don’t miss the opportunity to create timeless memories with Santa and You. Book your session today, and let’s make this holiday season one to remember!