Santa Virtual Visits

Can you imagine the look on your child’s face and how excited your child will be with a personalized video from Santa Claus!

Santa Michael offers personalized video experiences that is personally tailored for your child by parents filling out a Google form.

This helps Santa know all the wonderful things and activities your child or loved one is doing and can encourage areas that need a little improvement too with a little assistance and help from you. Santa can share how proud you are with them and create a magical message that will be remembered for a life time

Personalized Santa Message

  • Personalized Recorded Message for your child

    • Perfect for any occasion, great keepsake ​

    • Downloadable File

    • Price: $45.00

Santa Virtual Visit

  • Using ZOOM for a 5 to 8 minute magical visit with Santa. To make sure each child gets a special time with Santa there is a 3 Child Limit per chat
  • Visit will be recorded and available to download for a Christmas keepsake ​
  • Virtual Visit Price: $65.00